People keep asking about a CD release of "Aandens Melankoli" that is not going to happen.

To make the remastered reissue available to those that don't own a record player or simply prefer the digital fomat

I decided to give you the opportunity to download the complete release. The files are converted from a CD master

that was also done by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony for the best possible listening experience.


D/L SVARTSYN "Aandens Melankoli"



The download is also available from Velkaarn's dedicated Asmodian Coven blog.

Do yourself the favour to have a look around there.









SVARTSYN "Aandens Melankoli"


Gnarled Records is honoured to present in cooperation with the band an officially licensed vinyl reissue of

Svartsyn's "Aandens Melankoli" that was initially released through Osiris Productions in 1996.


The recording was respectfully and masterfully remastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony,

and this reissue is adorned with a scenic oil painting by the wonderfully gifted Petya Mollova

that perfectly captures the mood of the EP.



Wander in the reminding shadows,

Cast by the fading light.

Prepare for the doom and gloom,

Hidden in the long dark falling.


Døden...jeg våkner!




The price for a copy, postpaid for registered and insured shipping, is


21 Euro (Germany)

25 Euro (Rest of the World)



Copies can be purchased directly from the label by contacting me at


You can reach Svartsyn's guitarist for any questions regarding the band at